Muslim Women

Muslim women are fond of wearing the Burka. The burka is worn by Muslim women, who have to cover their faces. Their face is shown but only through a small slit. They wear it over their faces and wrap it in a loose form around the body. The Burka is basically a head covering that covers the face, neck and ears. The Burka is not a single garment but a combination of two. There are three ways of covering the face – by the hair, the chador and the hijab.

The Muslim women believe that the Burka is an obstacle to modesty. Women who wear the Burka are more inhibited and they feel an urge to be more sexual than before. For this reason, Muslim women wear the Burka only when they go out with their family. Women who wish to continue to be modest feel that the burka is inappropriate for them. Thus, they insist on wearing it even when they are out with friends. In case you are interested in learning more about the Burka, do some research and you will find out that Muslim women consider it as a sacred duty to follow the Muslim way of life. They follow the rules of modesty and they also obey the Koran.

So, if you think that Muslim women have no rights to be free then think again. They feel that it is their duty to wear the burka. Thus, Muslim women are the most respected women in the world. It is true that their religion does not allow them to be out in public. But, modesty cannot be forced upon them. They can respect their religion by wearing the Burka and still be proud of themselves. Remember that Islam is all about love and peace.