Muslim Swimwear

In 1997,  Dr. Nasser Ghaffari, a physician, understood the need for Muslim women to have access to the latest trends and fashions in the clothing industry.   Today, several companies offer a range of Islamic wear and provide online shopping facility for customers to choose from a wide variety of items from swimwear to scarves and more. Their motto is to provide maximum comfort and quality at an affordable price. They also make sure that the entire range available on their site is of top quality.

Burkini – Burkini is a type of swimsuit that covers the whole body from neck to feet. It gives the body utmost privacy while swimming and is ideal for leisure and fitness activities. It is a combination of body and head-covering garments with a g-string-style top. This swimsuit has a material that allows air flow while swimming thereby giving you the freedom to move and enjoy the water. The best feature of this swimsuit is that it can be used as beach wear even in hot weather. It comes in many different designs and colors.

Hujab – Hujab is the name given to Islamic swimwear and refers to a hijab, which is a full-length coverall. These swimsuits provide complete modesty and are made of cotton, Lycra, Lycra spandex, and synthetic blends. They have an elastic waist and are designed to fit the body in its wider region. Hujab is designed to preserve modesty and honor the faith of Islam.