Nike enters the Muslim Swimwear Market

Nike has created a full-body swimsuit for the Muslim swimwear market. The swimsuit is sold in two versions: one that has separate leggings, tunic, and hijab and the other combines the three. These modest swimwear designs are the start of the Victory collection of modest swimwear and were released on February 2, 2020. Muslim women […]

Muslim Women

Muslim women are fond of wearing the Burka. The burka is worn by Muslim women, who have to cover their faces. Their face is shown but only through a small slit. They wear it over their faces and wrap it in a loose form around the body. The Burka is basically a head covering that […]

Muslim Swimwear

In 1997,  Dr. Nasser Ghaffari, a physician, understood the need for Muslim women to have access to the latest trends and fashions in the clothing industry.   Today, several companies offer a range of Islamic wear and provide online shopping facility for customers to choose from a wide variety of items from swimwear to scarves and […]